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St Louis has a rich history of beautiful residential architecture If you’ve lived in St Louis for very long, or have visited, most likely you’re aware of the interesting residential housing stock in neighborhoods renowned as wonderful examples of building styles in different historical eras in time.  These neighborhoods, many beautifully intact, are like time […]

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Fundamentals There are a few fundamentals to keep in mind if you’re planning a painting project.  Proper and appropriate surface preparation is a requirement. This is followed by appropriate application of the proper finish material. Interior painted wood surfaces in good condition may require only sanding or washing before repainting. Interior wood trim, especially surfaces adjacent […]

“Painting” Is

Painting is the preparation of, and subsequent application of protective surface material to a substrate. Painting also has a secondary benefit of enhancing or changing the visual appearance of any surface. Ok, that’s kind of a technical way of describing it, but everyone knows that painting can improve the appearance of any room, area, or […]